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Fahlström Innovation develops products and business concepts on customer request and within the enterprise. Through wide know-how and versatile experience, we undertake commissions covering the entire process from marketing study to the completed product. This is done in close cooperation with the customer and selected partners in accordance to customer wishes and demands.
The development process is characterized by an innovative approach in combination with knowledge and commitment leading to successful solutions for an international market. Our specialties are fluid mechanics and medical technology.



Fahlström Innovation was founded as a small consulting business in 1996. The first task was to continue the program for clinical research and technical support given to European hospitals using the implantable pump system Promedos®. The program was sponsored by the Siemens company and was a part of their effort to develop a device for insulin treatment of diabetic patients with an in vivo pump system. The implanted part consists of a drug reservoir, battery, electronics for control and surveillance and a precision pump module. Our experience with implantable medical devices also includes pacemakers. It spans over 25 years in the areas of Quality control, Research and Development, Clinical Research and Strategic purchasing.
When the business area Mingography with ink jet technology for Electrocardiography (ECG-recorders) was discontinued by Siemens, the technology and technical values became the property of Micro Jet Components. The enterprise is an affiliate to Fahlström Innovation aiming at continued development and supply of spare parts and consumables to customers using Mingograf printers for ECG and EEG investigations.
The know-how in micro fluid technology is utilized in many fields today where ultra thin glass capillaries are involved and systems with capillary nozzles are used for generating fluid jets and drop-lets finer than a strand of hair. Fahlström Innovation and Micro Jet Components has the expertise and facilities to continue the development and manufacturing of micro fluid products for current markets as well as new ones.
We offer our consultant services and technical abilities to customers asking for support in products and business development. With our broad contact network, experienced and skilled people, we have the capability to develop and offer products and services from idea to series production for the world market.


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 Email: info@fahlstrominnovation.com